Dry Zone Waterproofing Carlton-in-Cleveland

Posted April 4th, 2019

Waterproofing a beautiful country holiday home with Dry Zone and Membrane

We were subcontracted to Monument Build and Design to work on a country holiday home in Carlton. Damp readings were taken on internal walls which required action to be taken, such as hacking off and applying Dry Zone.

Treating the problem

We hacked off contaminated plaster boards and plaster dabs. Once the plaster was hacked off, the walls now needed to be treated. To treat the wall we used Dry Zone cream to prevent rising damp. Dry Zone is a popular product used to treat brick and stone walls. We often use the cream and have experience from multiple jobs.

Once the walls were treated with Dry Zone we proceeded to use a membrane system. The membrane system is used to prevent water from passing past the brick/stone, and then onto the plaster board which would then cause damp in the building. A free standing wall was then built within certain areas of the building which can be seen below.

Once the work required on the inside was completed, work on the outside of the building commenced. The gully’s on the outside of the building were suspected to have a problem. We had to lift the flagstones and dig up a small trench parallel to one side of the home. Channel was installed into the trench and then gravel was laid on top to allow water to pass through whilst helping to clean and filter the water.

Overall the job went well, originally the plan was to drill plugs through the membrane directly into the wall, however, the stone was too soft and crumbly to use this method. This resulted in the change to use a free standing wall which was much more successful.

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